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Charlotte Bellomy loves to capture small moments of everyday inspiration—a stellar view, a candid moment, a culinary masterpiece. Gour’monde is her collection of these moments, translated into images, words, and videos.

Charlotte’s love for food stems from more than an adventurous palate and a lifelong addiction to watching the Food Network. She believes food embodies a culture’s vibrancy while simultaneously bringing people together. Her love for traveling has brought her to a variety of places around the world, and her memories of those places are often translated into fond remembrances of the meals she ate and the people she shared them with. Whether it be visiting family in France and going on early morning baguette runs, or finding the best late-night pizza joints while studying abroad in Italy, she thinks the best way to be introduced to a new place is around its kitchen table. Eating locally and sustainably are both important to Charlotte, wherever ‘local’ may be.

Similarly, her love for travel stems from a scattered international heritage. With familial roots in Spain, Algeria, and France, and a childhood split between the practically foreign countries of California and South Carolina, there’s no place which doesn’t fascinate her. Her bucket list of places to go next is a long one. (Budapest or Indonesia, anyone?)

Charlotte combines her love for all things international and travel with her love for writing in her academic career at Wake Forest University. She is currently pursuing a Political Science major with a focus in International Relations, as well as minors in Journalism and Entrepreneurship. She’s fascinated by the multitude of possibilities to combine international relations and social entrepreneurship to address issues facing the world today. She has had the opportunity to study abroad, participating in a Wake Forest travel writing program in Rome during the summer of 2014, and hopes this experience will contribute to a future in international journalism.

Charlotte is involved across campus in groups including Delta Zeta sorority, the Wake Forest club tennis team, and a variety of volunteer projects including Project Pumpkin, Wake n’ Shake, and the Second Harvest Food Bank. She has work experience as a barista, waitress, member of kitchen staff, and assistant to a photographer. In pursuing her love for photography, food and travel are the first things to catch her attention. Her projects vary from capturing a meal in her go-to feeding grounds of Savannah and Charleston, to lugging a camera around on vacation, to doing the photography for this Southern Creperie.

Charlotte doesn’t hesitate to capture any instance of beauty, humor, or happiness. With Gour’monde to help her document the everyday extraordinary, she hopes to share these quotidian inspirations with her readers. So to the flavors around the world, the people who bring them to life, and those (like herself) who can’t help but come back for more—Cheers!


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