Pizzeria Ai Marmi: For the love of good pizza

Among the most raved about pizza in Trastevere, Pizzeria Ai Marmi lives up to expectation. The restaurant is so popular that lines to be seated snake down the block, but once a table becomes available pizza whizzes out of the kitchen. The pizzas themselves have thin, crispy crust, true to the Italian declaration that the best pizza is that which is most easily digested. Rich with mozzarella and covered in fresh toppings like prosciutto or eggplant and zucchini flower, the pizzas stay true to traditional Italian flavors as well.

While the food is worth the wait, the experience is not for everyone. Communal style tables have you seated knee to knee with strangers, flagging down a stressed out, over-run, ultra-efficient waiter is difficult, and the crowded restaurant will rush you out upon finishing your food, in need of another free table as soon as possible. If bustling cities are your style, wait in line and soak it all in, the Viale di Trastever nightlife providing a happening atmosphere. If not, know what you’re getting yourself into and come for the love of good pizza alone. Also try the pizzeria to-go as a top notch take-out option, or for late night dining. Pizzas continue to be served into the wee hours of the morning, and the time from being seated to having pizza before you is five minutes tops once dinner crowds have dispersed.

Viale di Trastevere 53-59 00153 Roma

Te. 06 5800919

Closed Wednesdays





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